The Electrical Safety or WHS regulations in your state or territory specify measures you are to take to ensure electrical safety in your workplace.  One of these measures is the electrical testing and tagging of portable electrical equipment and the regulations refer to the Australian Standard for guidance on how to implement these safety measures.

The current Australian standard, AS/NZS 3760:2010 specifies the test and tag required to be conducted by accredited technicians in order to confirm the electrical safety of portable electrical appliances


Testing is conducted by a nationally qualified technician who will first undertake a visual inspection of plugs, sockets, the appliance for any damage or wear. This includes the plug, damage to the cord insulation, flexibility for the cord, plug, appliance and anchors. Covers and guards are checked to ensure they are attached, appliances are checked for rattles indicating the presence of small foreign objects that may interfere with the safety of the appliance, and Class II appliances are checked for deep engraving, which may impact on the insulation of the appliance. 


The technician will then use a portable appliance tester (P.A.T) to comprehensively test the electrical appliances for danger by testing:

  • earth continuity,
  • voltage leakage,
  • polarity &
  • Insulation resistance.

Many of these cannot be seen by the naked eye. 


The portable appliance tester (P.A.T) will then provide us with either with a pass or fail result, together with the relevant detailed results of each test.


Once the device is passed it will be labelled with a Test and Tag ‘Tag’ which will indicate that the device has passed, the date, time, and operator that tested it. As well as the date for the next test, and our contact details.

Our tags are self-laminating, heavy duty and durable ensuring they will stay fixed to the cord. All tags have the following information:

  • Testing Electrical’s Name, logo and phone number
  • The technicians name and phone number
  • An identification number for each particular item
  • The test date
  • The retest date
  • Reference to the Australian Standard – AS/NZS 3760 


We will provide you with a report detailing the status of your electrical equipment. This report can also be utilised by an Asset Management Register. 


6. Certificate of Compliance

We will also provide you a certificate of compliance for your Workplace Health & Safety board.